Wendi J. Turner Author, Educator, and Empowerment Speaker, has worked for over 15 years in community outreach. She specializes in positively impacting at-risk youth and adults by means of “relationship empowerment.” Realizing the need to extend her services for those who have no voice, she dedicated her efforts to bring liberation and relevancy to those in the Houston and surrounding areas.

She has been invited as a featured keynote speaker on radio, television interviews and as a seminar leader; conducting workshops and classes on leadership, empathy and rapport development within corporate organizations, diversity and tolerance, conflict resolution, anger management and college readiness. She has also spoken in many churches, sharing her passion for people through inspirational messages. Currently, she is teaching professional development classes to teachers nationwide as well as collaborating with leaders in education on strategies to improve better working relationships with their employees as it relates to empathy and rapport building. Additionally, she is the Chief Operating Officer and spokesperson of the Conrad O. Johnson Legacy, which encompasses the award-winning documentary Thundersoul, executively produced by Academy Award Winner, Jamie Foxx. When she is not traveling, Wendi responds to the call of empowering people as an educator, life coach, anger management therapist, and a personal trainer in order to reach the whole person-mind, body and spirit.  Wendi was formerly a co-host on a webisode series on Houston’s Hip Hop Station, 97.9 The Box and has been seen as a contributor on Fox 26 News. Currently, she is teaching empowering life classes around the country and promoting her new book, “Y.O.U. Are Power.”

My Philosophy

Education and Self-Empowerment is a lifeline for success and growth. As part of a strong and historic legacy of educators of more than 100 years (one being the legendary Conrad “Prof” Johnson), her educational background is a badge of honor and privilege. It’s been truly a rewarding experience to be the recipient of numerous teaching awards, teacher of the year honors and to have her teaching concept models used for teacher training videos for Houston-area school districts. Through her more than 15 years in education, community outreach, and pursuit of a doctorate in counseling psychology, she’s been exposed to a various socioeconomic classes, ethnicities, and age groups; however, one thing remains constant within each individual: the desire to be understood and respected-an integral part of our existence.

This became even more apparent when her personal journey forced her to reckon with her own health, and self-awareness. Through the challenges of her journey, she realized that there are other ways she would be led to reach people. Wendi’s purpose became even clearer. Through her personal transformation both mentally and physically, she realized that she can assist others in unlocking the power within! Wendi Johnson Turner stepped away from working full time in education to focus further on the mind, spirit, and the body where she received her certifications in Anger Management Therapy, Life Coaching, and Personal Training. Life’s Path took Wendi full circle…

Wendi believes that every person has the chance to receive healing and freedom if they choose it. Wendi’s life purpose is to reveal this to people through dynamic teaching, relevant messages, and her personal witness.

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