A Life Coach? For What?

“A Life Coach? For What?”

Many years ago, I was introduced to the concept of life coaching.  I remember thinking to myself, “Why would I need that? I haven’t had a coach thus far. Life is what we make it.” In my perception, I was at the top of my game professionally and I had a great family and a spiritual connection that filled in my gaps.  Life was good.

I could not have been more further from my truth.  My life began to take many turns, many of which were beyond my control…or were they? The life I thought was secure was ripped from under me like a rug is taken from the floor.  I was forced to look closely deep within myself and, at the brink of survival, choose a life of fulfillment or my permanent demise.  I was given a second chance at life; it was time-I needed a life coach.

At the beginning of, what I call, “my resurrection,” my life coach was huge part of my transformation.  At first I was petrified of what would encounter.  However, I began to look forward to our weekly time together.  Years later, I still have my coach…and don’t plan on doing the journey without the guidance that has been an integral part of my existence.  As the Creator of the universe continues to surprise me with a sense of humor, I became the one thing I thought was unimportant-irrelevant.  Now I have the honor to impact the lives of people all over the United States and abroad because, simply put, your life matters.

Don’t get me wrong, not everyone has the same dramatic turning point.  Yet I find that many of my clients may not understand the value of talking with a coach until they come into the office.  Then, it miraculously makes sense.  Honestly, the same thing happened to me and for me.  It is the one time in your week where judgment leaves the room and a place of safety, reflection and positive outcomes all become synergistically apart of the atmosphere.

Have you ever found yourself wanting more out of life? Perhaps you have a business you would like to begin, or maybe you have no idea what you desire…you just have a feeling that there is more to life than where you are? Chances are, you could benefit from a life coach. But what is Life Coaching?

Together, we take a reflective look into your life at present, and unlock areas keeping you from achieving your goal and purpose.


Perhaps you are in a stagnant situation, are challenged with accomplishing a goal, or have unidentified gifts and talents.  Maybe you would like to achieve a better life balance.  Could it be that you would like to have more quality in your spiritual life, personal life; or even have a healthier lifestyle?  Then a life coach could possibly be a wise starting point to achieving such desires.

No matter where you are while reading this, know that it begins with YOU.  Whether you obtain the services of Wendi J. Turner and The Heart Initiative or another life coach, the effort and first step has your name on it.

So, what will you do after reading this article? Will you smile and say to yourself, “Perhaps, I’ll do this one day.”?

Or will today be YOUR day for an optimal lifestyle change?  The choice is yours.  Choose wisely.




My Proven Strategy to Burn Belly, Thigh, and Bottom Fat

Many of you reading this will not be enthusiastic about my findings, but truth is truth.

I am an Endomorph.  This is a body type that is more prone to weight gain and obesity.  The weight can distribute in the pear body shape, hour glass figure and even the bottom heavy body shape.  The unfortunate truth is that Endomorphs need to work harder at watching caloric intake (fats included) as well as incorporate a more cardio-rich workout regimen.  After recently reaching a weight that was the lowest I had seen since high school, I decided to test my theories which I share with those I train or consult about weight loss.

I was the guinea pig.  I had decided to decrease my jogging/running amount and integrate a new style of working out.  I was still working out several days a week, but I began to notice a slight to significant weight gain in about 3.5 weeks.  I am no longer that sweet little number from my high school days.  Now, I am on a quest to see if I can lose what I have gained.

The bottom line is this: For some reason- nothing trims my belly, thighs, back fat and glutes like jogging.  According to livestrong.com, the higher intensity workouts just simply are more effective than elliptical, and walking, alone.  Swimming is another fantastic high intensity, low-impact solution but I don’t readily use this one so I am writing from my personal experience.

I began to go back to my regimen and I am committed to running no less that 10 miles each week.  And YES, I am seeing the results after 4 days.

For those of you who despise running for various reasons, I understand.  But if you have a body type like mine, then I can only share with you what I have seen that works.  For those of us who are challenged with joint pain, this is a process that you must take slowly.  Consider combining a light job with a brisk walk and integrate the time. For example, walk for 2 minutes and jog for 1 minute.  Gradually increase your goal time and shoot for your first mile.  There are many programs that assist you in this endeavor online.

How do I champion a run with my joint issues? I have arthritis in both knees.  This is what I do to assist my efforts:

1. I take anti-inflammatory meds at the First Sign of pain and stiffness.

2. I wear ACE athletic knee wraps (found at Wal-Mart, Academy)

3. I wear Dr. Scholl’s Sports Insoles (Wal-Mart, Target)

4. I wear high-impact absorption socks with moisture control (Academy). These socks are about $14/pair but they are amazing.

5. I was fitted for my shoes to ensure the highest comfort that also allows for the swelling of my feet during a jog.


Whether I enjoy it or not, jogging helps me stay in the best heart, endurance, and fitness shape of my life.  It also assists me with my stress levels.  While I incorporate other pieces to my workout regimen, this is clearly something I can’t ignore.  I have proven it to myself and decided to share.

Live Well,




Improving You Begins with YOU!

“People are anxious to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves.  Therefore, they remain bound.” – James Allen

It may seem judgmental, yet it is (more often than not) a very true statement.  We see what can be perceived as inadequate, unfair, or undesirable in our lives. We may even get motivated to re-direct or change the issue.

Yet the motivation and the pulsations of “do now” action adrenaline tend to lose its strength on average of about 48-72 hours AFTER the motivating moment occurred.

Why is that?

Our present life gets back into our focus while the idea and anticipation of what the future COULD BE dwindles every second we resist taking immediate action. We go back to sabotaging our lives by continuing unhealthy habits, negative thoughts, and unfortunately- the idea of improving becomes a fantasy instead of a reality.

How willing are you to improve YOU? What steps are you willing to take to reinvest into a better life, a better circumstance, a better self-concept?

Think about this- we can remain bound by the very perceptions of which we live with every day- ourselves. Or we can choose to live in freedom and change the person we face in the mirror as we layer ourselves with clothing, makeup and possibly a false sense of self.

This may not fit you.  But if this resonates with you- acknowledge it, own it, and commit to change.  Life is short.

Live Well!