#TheBeatInsider is a community show on Houston’s premiere station, 93.7 The Beat. Airing on Sunday morning, it’s host Devi Dev seeks to inform, interact and inspire!

In Episode 15 Devi is joined by renowned life coach and Author, Wendi J Turner as they talk how to find your power. Listen Below!




I have partnered with JJ, Daytime Radio Host of 97.9 The Box where we offer  webisodes with tips for better living.  Go to and search Wendi Turner to see/hear us in action.

Additionally, I have begun a partnership with Jillian “JJ” Simmons in effort to empower people that have been or are currently in abusive relationships.  We are having forums each month entitled, Without Bruises: HELP, HOPE, and HEAL. To participate, reach out to us via twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Listen to Past Radio Spots Below

Sept- 2013

  1. Life Coach Wendi Turner Johnson Talks About How To Remove Negative Thinking! [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO via]
  2. JJ on the Mic – a Houston 97 the Box on air personality interviewed Wendi and the full interview can be heard on their website. This is a great interview… check it out!




  1. Listen to an interview (exclusive audio, courtesy of 97.9 The Box) where JJ shares apart of her life with Houston- her personal experience in an abusive relationship. Listen as JJ and Life Coach Wendi J Turner Discuss Domestic Violence Month and JJ’s New Book!

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Wendi has also been a guest on Houston’s Praise 92.1, KTSU, and 102.1.  Speaking and empowering people through the airwaves are a huge part of her passionate purpose.  In addition to radio, Wendi has spoken for a variety of platform events (churches, graduate ceremonies, conferences, chamber events) and continues to meet people where they are with topics that are relevant, heartfelt, and candid demanding the listener’s attention with each and every message.

“There is nothing like being able to reach people-in multitudes.  Radio gives me that opportunity.”




“As heard on Business Radio 1100 AM (Houston, TX), Wendi Johnson Turner shares the value of her company, The HeartInitiative”


“As heard on KPFT 90.1 FM, Wendi Johnson Turner speaks on the Lomil Truitt Show from an urban perspective regarding the Failed Expectation of Women & Relationships.”