Client Testimonials for Wendi J. Turner-


Life Coach

“I was skeptical about life coaching since I didn’t know much about it and knew no one that had tried it, but Wendi has been hugely instrumental in helping me get to the heart of what has been holding me back. I feel like a weight has been lifted and what I always felt was my plight in life was really my own false beliefs manifesting into reality. I am grateful to finally be moving forward in life, and having such a knowledge and passionate person to guide me.”

-E. Creeks

“The first word that comes to mind when I think about Wendi is “REAL!” I love her honest, yet direct and kind approach to talking about life’s hurdles. She has a pure joy about life that you can’t help but connect with! The positive energy you hear in hear voice assures you that you can conquer anything you set your mind to. This will be an awesome lifelong connection, I’m sure!”

-Miara Shaw, M. Shaw Relations

“Wendi Johnson Turner has been instrumental in the new chapter of my journey.  Wendi has a a very special gift of instantly connecting to the heart of people and touching them in a way that allows them to let down their walls and begin the healing process. That is exactly what happened when we met! Since then Wendi has equipped me with the tools to be the best “Nnete” ever by personalizing a plan that mentally, spiritually and physically aligns with my goals. As soon as I implemented the plan, I got results.  I am a witness.  Everybody truly needs a Wendi!!

-Nnete, Comedian, Actress, Media Personality, Speaker